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Lesley Massello

Lesley Massello
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This is how I quickly fashioned a little make-shift teething guard. It sure isn't perfect, but I think it's a somewhat clever (or at least frugal) solution to a common problem. The pictures don't quite illustrate each of the steps individually, but it's easy enough!

Simple Crib Railing Teething Guard -- Teething is a right of passage for babies and the crib railing can often display this stage! Not anymore with the help of this fabulous and easy tutorial! All you need is some soft fleece fabric and some scissors!

DIY flower with button center

pretty flower diy : You can put them in two layers using a slightly smaller circle for the top layer petals and it's really cute to use two different patterns and cover the button in fabric used in your bow. ok, i will try it as a gift for a little girl.

What to do with all those foreign coins you've saved?

Coin Art - foreign coin collection I LOVE this idea. Im slowly collecting foreign coins thrown in the tip jar at work, I think theyre really nifty and beautiful. Might not even wait for enough for a big frame, just get ittle ones to fill up :)