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AB 🧡 on

Okay you can stop now, you've Broken my heart in 2010 can't you see that yet?

I love these pictures! They're waayyy better than any pictures of him singing or shirtless. He just looks so happy. I love it :D>>>>>totally agree but shirtless pics are a close second 😏

Remember when Niall farted on stage...Im done im dying ahaha (gif)

"Remember when Niall farted on stage.Im done im dying ahaha (gif)" Nialls face is so cute!>>> Lol this is the cutest and funniest thing I've ever seen lol oh my gosh and harry is like are you freak in kidding me lol omg I love this so much

Oh so so true

niallersleprechaunlady: “ thevirginharry: “ this is the best representation of how my brain works everything is blurry and irrelevant except harry styles ” Basically ”

OMG!! <3 <3 <3 <3

{GIF} these two :P <<< hahaha oh my goodness. Narry strikes again!)<< This is awesome. Hahah<<<< best gif iv EVER seen!

But seriously though, and it's unfair on all of them, Harry because he gets put under so much more scrutiny and Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn because in some interviews and news stories it's like they are just Harry's friends that he dragged along for company :(

Sad but true. Please don't blame Harry for this though, he has no control over it

I will always love this picture <3

styles is such a hipster<<<. searched "hipster style" and guess who came up ;) Okay does anyone else say good morning to their pins sometimes? Cause I just said good morning hazza and now I feel really pathetic.


Ok Harry styles is THE most attractive person I've ever seen, lots of people would disagree but I'm praying for the blind