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wind chimes made from kid's toy xylophone
Colorful Embroidery Hoops hanging from ceiling
Cute painted canvases and toy animals Art

Kid ideas

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DIY printable labels (20+ to choose from)
Pegboard over changing table - brilliant!
Use Curtain rings to keep up with baby shoes

Nursery Organization

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there are many stuffed animals in the blue bowl on the chair and one is full of them
Get Organized with Our Free Printable Labels
DIY printable labels (20+ to choose from)
there is a clock on the wall with letters and numbers above it that read hudson
Hudson's "Vintage University" Nursery
Pegboard over changing table - brilliant!
several pairs of baby shoes hanging from hooks on a shelf in a child's room
Baby B's Modern Bird Nursery
Use Curtain rings to keep up with baby shoes
a baby changing table with some pictures on the wall above it and an image of a baseball glove
Pegboard over Changing Table
a wooden shelf filled with personal care items on top of a white sink in a bathroom
Bachmans Fall Ideas House 2011- Part 2
Old CD Rack used as a cubby shelf (above changing table that has little surface space)
there are many shirts hanging on the rack
Baby Nursery Decor: The Closet
Keeping the next few sizes visible with easy access is a must. This can be done a couple of ways: 1. Keep ‘too big’ items in boxes, baskets, or airtight bins clearly marked with sizes in the closet on the top shelf. 2. Hang everything on multiple rods at different heights in the closet. One rod per size, rotating larger sizes in as others are outgrown. 3. Use dividers on the rods marking each size like you see in clothing stores keeping everything visible yet separated.
an open closet door with clothes hanging on the rack and shoes in the bins
Household Essentials Natural Blended Canvas 3-Shelf Organizer -
Household Essentials Natural Blended Canvas 3-Shelf Organizer $20 (24L x 12sq)
a white bag with an orange bear on it next to a baby's hairbrush | The official home for all things Disney
Organizing 101: 10 Tips to Conquer the Nursery
an over the door organizer hanging on a clothes line with towels and soaps in it
Maytex Mesh Bath Shower Organizer, White $7
the door is open and there are many items in it on the shelf next to the door
Bedding, Bath Towels, Cookware, Fine China, Wedding & GiftRegistry
Real Simple Multi-Pocket Organizer $20
a baby diaper sitting on top of a table
Fabric covered cardboard boxes
a baby's room with a crib, rocking chair and pictures on the wall
Ruby Jane’s Bright & Cheery Nursery
Towel Holder displays rolled up baby blankets within reach
a baby's room with blue walls and white closet doors that have clear plastic bags on them
Shoe Organizer for baby items