Great detailed tutorial on making a diy cat hammock unfortunately requires crocheting

DIY magic carpet cat hammock

I made a cosy magic carpet hammock for our cat Ananas, right under our coffee table! He was hesitant to crawl in on the first day, but now it’s definitely his go-to cosy place.


Drink Wine & Pet My ① CatI just want to drink wine and pet my cat.I Just Want To Drink Wine and Pet My Cat

Funny cat pictures, nothing to do with actual organization or DIY

20 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Cats

Floating cat lounger tied under a table.  Can be DIY with the right rope and fabric.

If you'd like to send me photos to include in next week's "pets on furniture" post, plea.

Using shelving and normal blankets as cat-friendly spaces instead of a gaudy cat tree

Cat Friendly furniture for apartments without buying an expensive, ugly, smelly cat tree.