Being Renewed in the Spirit of Our Mind and Living a Forgiving Life for the Body [in the picture: Eph. 3:32] - via

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I love to make baby headbands. Before I had my little girl I made a TON of headbands. One night my husband asked me to count how many I had made for our unborn baby.. I told him there weren’t that many. After I was still counting I had a total of I have …

Need to use for 3rd Grad Bible class. Author says: "got cheapest, plastic cups could find at a Dollar Tree 12 to a pack. Used permanent marker to write names of books on bottom of the cup. Play in groups of 2 or 3 . Have them race other groups or the clock. I've never had to do anything more than send them to the cups to stack. "

The verse we have picked to be Aidan's life verse. Can't wait to put this in the nursery.

Day 2 - Water and Oil Demonstration Take a small glass jar and fill it half way with water. Add enough blue food coloring to make it a beautiful blue. Then fill the rest with oil. Put a lid on the jar. Use this to demonstrate Day 2 of Creation when God separated the water from the sky. Move the jar around to create waves (the water will always be beneath the oil). Shake the jar and then leave it for about 15 minutes and it will separate again.

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