You guys will keep me company right?

We'll all sit in the mental institute together, rocking back and forth while talking about Supernatural<--- we will all discuss Sherlock and Doctor Who while eating our pudding

Supernatural fandom

So I absolutely love this song! My father is a huge Kansas fan so it was always played in my home. So enough with Supernatural let’s get back to the song. Carry On Wayward Son by … KANSAS


We've All Been There

The fact that this is basically Supernatural and its fandom. Netflix- "h." Me- "Running from my problems." Netflix- *opens arms* "Come on in and I'll start playing Supernatural for you. Thank you, Netflix.

We all know Sam & Dean don't *actually* die

Sad but true. Doesn't save me ANY tears though! And they really screwed things up with the end of Season Nine! Things meaning us. I went "he'll be fine" at the end of season eleven jesus

Supernatural. Sad moment turned happy. This makes me feel a tad better.

Supernatural - Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Samantha Ferris, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver and Alona Tal<< admit it: your first thought is about how everyone was together. And then the FEELS take over because half of those people are dead now.


Loved this scene so much XD // Crowley and the Goats would be a good band name Visit our online store here


Miracle = Rip your heart out in SPN. Although can we talk about lucifer coming back to kill metatron? Cause that is something only the SPN fandom would be considered amazing! A fallen angel aka satan killing an angel!

Supernatural fandom

Hiby ❤❤SPN on

The Supernatural Family and United Fandoms Win! -- I'm not on the fandom, but I was more than happy to help out by turning on my tv for the ep. After all, fandom is family; we help each other out :) (- W.)<---fandom is family

I just can't even contain my laughter. We have a GIF for literally every situation tumblr could get into.

"The spn fandom scares me". Well one day we may save your life so shut your cakehole

Supernatural quotes | Castiel

Supernatural on

Cas, you're so innocent and cute! I really do wonder which one of the Winchesters would lose the epic game of rock, paper, scissors that would ensure, once they decided who needed to explain what sexual protection is to Cas.

Supernatural casting 2/3

The actor playing young Dean Winchester is born the same day as Dean Winchester. and that's awesome! >>>omfg this kid is amazing

Castiel: "No, he's not on any flatbread." - one of my favorites.

Cas: I'm gonna find God. Dean: Try New Mexico, I hear he's on a tortilla. Cas: No, he's not on any flatbread.