Mind blown.

Mind officially blown…

Back in the day, Trix cereal used to be little fruit shapes. Now they're just round and boring. What if they're still fruit shaped, but I just can't see them because I'm a silly adult rabbit and Trix are for kids?


i love cats. i love sunglasses. i especially love cats IN sunglasses.

I feel this way sometimes

The next time you say, 'I don't care' when asked what you want for dinner, I'm going to punch you in the face. So relevant to my life!

"31 kids who are too clever for their own good". Hilarious!

31 Kids Who Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

Fun activity if students finish early with assignments. dude, this kid is creative!


My reaction exactly…

The Life of a #Hairstylist: For my seester...

The Life of a Hairstylist: 10 Moments Every Hairdresser Will Have - this is so true and so funny!

This is awesome!!

Is this what he means everytime he says im weird?I like you. You're weird.

For Minion lovers…

Can I please have a minion! Particularly the Wolver-minion (he's the hybrid of 2 of my fav things- Minion + Wolverine)


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HAHA!! It's a CRAP. Star Wars fans know this one.

It's a CRAP Star wars inspired Admiral Ackbar toilet seat sticker by Walkingdeadpromotion,

Walking Dead's Darryl Dixon displays his Hello Kitty Phone.

Walking Dead's Darryl Dixon displays his Hello Kitty Phone. ~~~ this is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Damn I love that show and Daryl and that Norman has this phone case of himself Hello Kitty Daryl. Just greatness