L'idealisme amb que s'omplen els records, la nostàlgia, els moments feliços, els somnis, els anhels, la llibertat. Existeix una utopia que ens fa giravoltar com en una muntanya russa i recau en coses senzilles i quotidianes.
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the pup

All I want In life is a bed this big and big ol puppy dogs to snuggle up with.There is never a big enough bed though.I have found that out and only have a boxer & doxie that shares our King size bed.

Homemade Pressed Flower Lollipops

Homemade Pressed Flower Lollipops

There’s something about a pressed flower that just grabs my heart and holds it as tightly as can be. I’m always looking for ways to use pressed flowers, and I thought that putting them into a lollipop would be the perfect little treat around Valentine’s D

coffeentrees: It’s a beautiful day for adventure and our Field Pack will help get you there and back again! Amazing photo See you today at 413 SW by polerportland

flower bath. with epsom salts, essential oils, my favorite healing crystals, and a good book. perfect //

Did you know that you can add certain crystals to a flower bath! Just add epsom salts, essential oils, and your favorite healing crystals that can enter water.


I sit there drawing and listen to the waves." I shrug and keep drawing he try's to look at it but I hide it " uh-ah" I say ( open rp anyone powers allowed)

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STS (Chapter The nouns that were repeated within the story were family, Mirabal sisters, cousin, and beautiful. This image represents the word family because the one sister Patrica had two kids already and eventually had two more kids, with her husband.

"Spreading the cheer this holiday season with a little puppy kisses. These two share a typical brotherly relationship. Lombard (left) is the hyper little brother to Aslan (right).