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Drinks - Sugar Free & No Artificial Sweetener

Drinks - Sugar Free & No Artificial Sweetener

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Less Sugar Naturally: 'Kick Your Soda Habit' and a SweetLeaf Giveaway

Vanilla Banana Chai Tea. Pure genius. I think I drank it in 30 seconds. Why??????????? I'm so mad now.

Vanilla Chai Breakfast Shakes

Homemade Lemon-Lime Stevia Pop

Less Sugar Naturally: Homemade Stevia Soda Pop

Who needs a fancy lemon squeezer. These old fashion lemon juicers are the best!

Homemade Stevia Soda Pop

Sugar Free Summer Drinks. Like Sprite or 7Up but better!

Would you believe this is made from tea? The chai Frappateano is the sugar-free, no artificial sweetener version of a chai frappaccino.

What this "stuff" other people call a Frappe? This is what a real frappe looks like. Sugar-free and no artificial sweeteners. Lots of greeks drink it with no sugar. I like adding a bit of stevia to mine. There's nothing like it to revive you from the beating sun!

Lemon Mango Iced Tea sweetened with a few drops of stevia. Add frozen grapes instead of ice cubes. lesssugarnaturall...

Less Sugar Naturally: Sugar-Free Ice Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee - hold the syrup! Sugar-free, no artificial sweeteners. Just add your own stevia packet. Perfect for summer roadtrips!

Starbucks Iced caffe latte - hold the syrup! Sugar-free with no artificial sweetener. I add 1/3 to 1/2 a packet of stevia. Perfect!

Less Sugar Naturally: Sugar-Free Coffee Shop Drinks

Starbucks Passion Ice Tea - hold the syrup. Sugar-free, calorie-free, and with no artificial sweetener. I just add half a stevia packet.

Sugar-Free Coffee Shop Drinks

Chai Frappateano - Sugar-free, no artificial sweetener, chai ice cubes to make a chai frappuccino. Awesome summer drink recipe!

Less Sugar Naturally: Summer Frappateanos

The Sugar-and-Calorie-Free Fruity Frapputeano Low Sugar Summer Drink Recipe

The Creamy Frapputeano: Recipe! Low Sugar Summer Drink No Artificial Sweeteners

Frapputeanos: How Tea Saved Summer Sugar free no artificial sweeteners