You definitely need at least a comforter with this pattern on it :p

I want this pattern to be a toss pillow. the sharks will just kind sneak up on you. and you can be like, yeah, those are my sofa sharks

art… dibuix a tinta sobre paper… growhousegrow: Pattern! “Ninety One Good Chinese Girls, ink on paper riff off an interesting (and strangely unsettling) photo i saw of a swarm of singing, uniform, asian girls.

pizza wallpaper pattern.

I love pizza and that's why this photo is on my lock screen.if you love pizza too,then put this on your home/lock screen😍😍👌🏻👌🏻🤓😊

Japanese paper

The blue flower which blooms on Japanese paper. This Japanese paper is my favorite. I sometimes wrap gift in this paper. So I'm happy, too!