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Sterlings Mobile Barber Co. operates a mobile hair cutting service in an Airstream mobile unit.

San Diego business has three stylist stations in Airstream mobile unit

SOGA Shohaku (1730-1781), Japan 曽我蕭白「石橋図」

SPACE- this Japanese painting has an amazing sense of depth.the foreground with all the monster like creatures is dark and more detailed compared to the bridge and mountain in the background.

アディダス オリジナルス バイ ハイク(adidas Originals by HYKE)2016-17年秋冬 コレクション Gallery50

シ in consumer society, energy loss doesn't feel like 'entropy,' but it is seen as a possibility for change & development シ ~ アディダス オリジナルス バイ ハイク(adidas Originals by HYKE) 年秋冬 コレクション

Tengu Samurai Armor

Japan: 'Armor of the Tengu Type' (tengu tōsei gusoku) made by Kiyotoshi and Munekiyo (forged helmet) and Ryūsuiken (helmet), in This was made for a samurai or for a samurai family and depicts the tengu, a ferocious half-man, half bird of legend.

Tengu tosei gusoku, Late Edo period 1854, Japan

Armor with the features of a tengu (tengu tōsei gusoku) Late Edo period,

Fernando Cabral by Jacob Sutton | Athlétique | Homotography

Fernando Cabral shot by Jacob Sutton and styled by Samuel François for the coverstory of Numéro Homme Spring/Summer 2013 issue.