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Using wire to create contour line drawing. Students can sculpt hand symbols and or sign language letters to create a word. What a cool idea for hanging art work.

Good technique for wire portrait sculptures

Wire Self Portrait

Wire Self Portraits: The 3D art class is working on a quick wire exercise. They are using photos from a variety of social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) or from a portrait session in my class room.

Wire Self Portrait

wire contour portraits

Art at Becker Middle School: Completed Wire Portraits - practice continuous line drawings first - Do this on painted cardboard and not limited to portraits

Dogs in Art at the StockBridge Gallery - Wire Sculpture of Bloodhound by Bridget Baker, £40.00 (http://www.dogsinart.com/products/Wire-Sculpture-of-Bloodhound-by-Bridget-Baker.html)

Wire Sculpture of Bloodhound by Bridget Baker

Wire - Bloodhound_Wire_Sculpture_by_Bridget_Baker_at_Stockbridge_Gallery_Dogs_in_Art

Wire Sculpture by Martin Senn

portermoto: The Wire Art of Martin Senn Martin Senn is a German artist who creates beautiful three-dimensional works using wire.

Introduction to value with line.

Introduction to value with line. Practical exercise with water colour and sharpie included. Good for year 9 or younger.


Kudos for the amazing work of the artist Gavin Worth with these different wire sculptures. Currently based in San Francisco, he designed the figurative sculptures from 2 meters of wire.