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Look at these BADASS people all dressed so flushing

And we all know if a new country was founded, America would be his big bro.

America and England role swap, Hetalia Fan Art Cute n' all but wouldn't that mean England would rebel against America. or would America be too laid back and just give England his independence.


meanwhile - don't you mean memewhile<---- this person made this post better then it already was << this is beautiful<<This is all beautiful. A beautiful world.<< Dis is all bootiful. A bootiful world


This is me and my mom when this topic comes up. me: America. My mom: mexico. Mexico - OC, both America and Canada- official

Welcome. To the crazy shipping Hetalia fandom.

Welcome to the ferekin' Heatlia fandom. the only couple thet i love in this pic is fruk China tho "Why r u youngsters so hormonal aru


I honestly started crying.Everyone needs to read this, whether you watch Hetalia or not. <<< I didn't cry but IKRRR

Oh newbies

I laughed so hard at this and my parents looked at me like WTF? And I just - it's so funny but you wouldn't get it.<<<< the supernatural fandom would be proud of the use of this gif!


*busts through the Berlin wall* >>>lol. I see this happening with or without the gender change XD