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a room with a bed, bookshelf and radiator
Photo 10 of 15 in Gestalten’s New Book Shows How to Transform Small…
the history of modern furniture and chairs
A Century Of Chairs | Daily Infographic
Chairs. They are the things we sit on. We might not think about it too much (probably because our butts are on top of them), but there have been a wide variety of chairs that have been created in our time here on Earth. We got the rocking chair, f
there are many potted plants on the wall with gardening tools in front of them
Gör en egen örtträdgård för uteplatsen. DIY
a black wall clock on a white wall
Time Clock by Jehs + Laub
Time // clock by Jehs + Laub
a wall mounted knife holder with knives on it
Thout Design’s UtiliTILE Hallway Organization
Modular Organization.
this is an image of a bed made out of wicker and blue cushions with pillows
wish list for out doors
three framed art pieces hanging on the wall
A Splash of Lemon poster from my new Etsy shop Bäx Design! The orange and lime ones are also available in the shop :)
three posters are hanging on the wall next to each other, one has an owl's face
Cute Owl illustration poster in red from my new Etsy shop Bäx Design!
a multicolored chair sitting on top of a white floor
T-SHIRT CHAIR RAG EDITION (Green Furniture Concept) | Free BIM object for ArchiCAD, Revit
Green Furniture T-shirt Chair. This is the Rag Edition made of left over clothes or rags. Every chair has its own unique colour and texture combination. Or you can get the frame and make your own!! Me like!
a lamp that has white flowers on it
LEAF LAMP FLOOR ∅130 (Green Furniture Concept) | Free BIM object for ArchiCAD, Revit
Green Furniture Leaf Lamp. Sustainable design at its best!
a white chair sitting on top of a white floor
STING | O30 (Blå Station) | Free BIM object for ArchiCAD, Revit, Sketchup
Sting is an exceptionally stackable chair in aluminium and stainless steel. Sting is linkable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Sting is very comfortable with a slight movement and is usable in many different environments; indoors, outdoors, cafés, canteens, conference centres and more. Sting is also available as armchair. Sting natural anodised is eco-labelled with the Nordic Swan and is 100 % recyclable. Designers: Stefan Borselius, Fredrik Mattson
a purple chair sitting on top of a white floor
OPPO | O50 (Blå Station) | Free BIM object for ArchiCAD, Revit, Sketchup
Oppo is a swivel easy-chair that inhabits a room even when no one is there. Oppo comes in a small and a large version, with or without armrests. Oppo thrives almost everywhere; airports, waiting areas, hotels, lounges, libraries and many other locations. After years of experimenting with the thin seat shells in laminated Formfelt, in 2009 Stefan Borselius gave shape to a new piece of furniture that seems totally skinless. An “alien” called Oppo. Oppo is slang and means friend or “buddy”.
a black leather chair with chrome legs on an isolated white background, viewed from the front
GA-2 (Källemo) | Free BIM object for ArchiCAD
GA-2 Erik Gunnar Asplund. Art. 322. H 67, W 75 D 78 SH 40 cm. Fåtölj. Stålstativ. Trästomme, sidor i kallskum. Sits med kallskum och hollofill. Läder. Uppfyller kriterier för Svanen märkning. Easychair. Chrome plated steel frame. Wooden framework, foam sides and seat. Leather. Fulfils the requirements for the eco label Svanen.
an image of a table that is made out of wood and metal with a circular base
CONVENT TABLE (Fora Form) | Free BIM object for ArchiCAD
Most of the designs in the Convent CS System have longitudinal cable openings and covers as standard features. This gives the table a tidy appearance and a large capacity in terms of power supply and network connection. Standard: 38mm table top delivered in natural birch veneer. Oak, natural beech veneer, black-stained ash or stained as described in the Fora Form menu. For laminate, see the Fora Form menu.
an egg chair with chrome legs and white leather upholstered seat, viewed from the front
PLANET (Fora Form) | Free BIM object for 3DS Max, ArchiCAD, Sketchup
The Planet chair and table was first launched in 1965 and remained a part of the collection until the end of the 1970s. Planet was the first spherical chair in Norwegian furniture history. The name alludes to the first space journey in 1961 and the entry of Pop Art furniture onto the Norwegian market.