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Ankle Mobility-Self Mulligan | Feat. Kelly Starrett | Ep. 258 | MobilityWOD; 1st exercise uses band, 2nd uses ball, 3rd uses roller


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Psoas Trigger Point Release - Back, Oblique, Groin & Hip Pain - Self Massage - YouTube | Come to Fulcher's Therapeutic Massage in Imlay City, MI and Lapeer, MI for all of your massage needs! Call (810) 724-0996 or (810) 664-8852 respectively for more information or visit our website!

Iliacus and Psoas

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To stretch out your thoracic spine, the middle area between your cervical spine and lumbar spine, try exercises such as the Pretzel and Iron Cross shown here. Learn some useful spinal stretches in this free video of exercises for better health. Expert: Bryan Francis Contact: Bio: Bryan Francis developed a passion for health an...

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FIT BODY SECRETS: SHOULDER MOBILITY - In the third installment of his series, master trainer Josh Stolz moves up the chain to unlock the all-important shoulders. via @qbyequinox

Fit Body Secrets: Shoulder Mobility

Bret Contreras discusses band placement in walking glute activation drills like Monster Walks and Sumo Walks.

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from Nancy Nelson | Yoga & wellness

8 Stretches for your Tight Shoulders!

8 Stretches for your Tight Shoulders!

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6 Exercises for Maximum Mobility 1. Posterior hip mobilization 2. Shoulder extension, external rotation 3. Anterior hip mobilization 4. Ankle dorsiflexion 5. 10-minute deep-squat test 6. Couch stretch

6 Exercises for Maximum Mobility