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Infographic: What are the meanings of these city names? - Matador Network

Infographic: What are the meanings of these city names?

I wish I was a teenager in the 50's - THIS is a real, beautiful woman. Not a 40yr old woman trying to look like a 20yr old.

Real Curves

I like this because it has a wide array of shapes and sizes. There is not "one type" of athletic body and each of these athletes look awesome!

The Shape Of Your Body Depends On What You Do

This is crazy!! :Wall mounted PC | At B&L Custom Computers, Riverdale UT, we use only the best for your computer, & pride ourselves in providing personalized service and support. If Your Computer Won't Behave… Just Call Dave, at (801) 737-9600 or visit!

This PC Looks Like An Art Piece

Oh man, that is so bone-chilling! I didn't know knitting clubs still existed!<<There's a 76 year old woman who nits and has a sword room. How scary badass was she when she was in her youth?

Haunted Sword

"Evolution could so easily be disproved if just a single fossil turned up in the wrong date order. Evolution has passed this test with flying colors." –Richard Dawkins

With Flying Colors

Why You Shouldn't Mess With Finland

Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Finland

Backyard office for those who like to work from home.

I Would Love To Work There

30 Funny Pictures for Today If You'd like, click the link to see more like this:

So Many Subgenres Of Metal

It is a really special source. It shows the bravery you have to have for playing rugby. This tries to show people what a rugby player looks like. This must be shown to students who play rugby for making them feel self auto esteem because of their braveness they have for playing rugby, it is a no pad sport.

Rugby Vs. Football

This is science people

Soulmates Explained Scientifically

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

♀ Tiny spider web filling the hole in the leaf with an even tinier spider in residence. ♀

This Leaf Has Been Properly Mended

Deep Dreamed pic

Australia Being Australia

What the hell mother nature - meme -

How To Easily Cause A Heart Attack

Frog Camo Activated

Frog Camo Activated


Redação Publicitária - Nescafé | McCann Erickson Chile

Brilliant packing idea for a bug out bag or just simple camping.but I guess you will ruin your socks this way

How To Pack Like An Expert

This Nutella Braided Bread is superb and very easy to make. It's perfect for brunch or any time at all.

Delicious Nutella Bread

Really, I Don't Need It

Really, I Don’t Need It

World's Most Beautiful Currency

World’s Most Beautiful Currency

funny caption that feeling when a customer calls in screaming and i get to transfer them to someone else

Working In Customer Service

So Maybe That's The Explanation

So Maybe That’s The Explanation

My Aunt Took A Photo Of Some Rock Formation... Check more at

The Mount Sithmoore

A collection of funny things we find while wasting time online.

Yep, We Went Through A Lot