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Some of the products I find interesting, not necessarily just for me, but as a product itself.
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Labirent 6-Shelf Bookcase Green

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The Perfect Office - Giacinto DIY Speakers, North Face Access Pack and Office Ideas

Diamond Cross Planes Shelf

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5 objetos de desejo para querer muito essa semana #26 - Follow the Colours

My wife loves body pillows - found her the greatest body pillow of all time for Christmas. - |

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The Greatest Body Pillow Of All Time

Kitchen gadgets. #zacbacon #zacbaconproperties #realestate #realestateagent #kitchen #kitchengadget

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I Think I Need This Sink In My Life

The Perfect Cuddle Couch or reading chair big enough for me and fur baby!

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The Perfect Cuddle Couch

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Transparent Ghost-It Notes

oreo cookie mug - let's be real, sometimes cookies are the only thing that get me thru a work day...this takes up less desk space, and it's AWESOME!

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This Mug Is Going To Change My Life

The Wine Glass Bottle | holds a 750ml bottle cup of red white or champagne on Yellow Octopus

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My Kind Of Wine Glass

Bacon Alarm Clock...wakes you up to the smell of bacon cooking. I think my husband would appreciate this!

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The Alarm Clock That Will Actually Wake Me Up

#ThinkGeek #ThinkGeek #ThinkGeek #Illuminated #JetBib #Feeding #System ThinkGeek :: Illuminated JetBib Feeding System

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Approved For Landing

Set your Halloween party apart from the rest with help from the bubble fogger machine. It sets an eerie and surreal tone to the atmosphere with dozens of smoke-filled bubbles that cover the room with a ghastly fog once popped.

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Bubble Fogger

nobody knows it's my birthday

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birthday tee

12+ Of The Most Creative Hoodie Designs Ever

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12+ Of The Most Creative Hoodie Designs Ever

Pants are Bullshit.

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pants tee

Draw straight lines. Is anyone else wondering why they need this product to draw straight lines on graphing paper??

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Where Was This When I Needed It In School?

20 Most Creative Bookshelves Ever <<< That dome bookshelf is the most futuristic I have ever seen! So cool!

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Probably The Most Creative Bookshelves Ever

The Honeywell True HEPA Whole Room Air Purifier blends in to this impeccably-designed living room. Sponsored.

7 saves - Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, 310 Sq Ft, HPA200 - Hepa Filter Air Purifiers

let's drink

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creative t shirt designs 2 More

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Big Spill

nobody know I'm drunk tee

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nobody knows tee

whiskey made me do it tee

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whiskey tee

Grandparents Rocking Chair

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Story-Time Chair

Funny pictures about I Need This For My Dog. Oh, and cool pics about I Need This For My Dog. Also, I Need This For My Dog photos.

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I Need This For My Dog

I want a light bulb like this!

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Clever Light Bulb

Life's a picnic when you can control your home temps on the go with the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. Sponsored.

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