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Definition: the use of remarks which clearly mean the opposite of what they say, and which are made in order to hurt someone's feelings or to criticize something in a humorous way. Not all of the messages here truly express my opinions. After all, "Total absence of humor renders life impossible." Colette (1873 - 1954)


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  • Caroline McQuillan
    Caroline McQuillan

    Hmmm.... best not to comment!

  • Susan Beiting
    Susan Beiting

    Right away, someone came to mind.

  • Lisa Newberry Cugini
    Lisa Newberry Cugini

    Fact of life!

  • Lisa Olachia-Whitfield
    Lisa Olachia-Whitfield


  • Lisa Olachia-Whitfield
    Lisa Olachia-Whitfield


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  • Bobbie Bellinger
    Bobbie Bellinger

    Love it

  • Mary Anne Knapp
    Mary Anne Knapp

    Ha Ha!

  • Mary Marrocco
    Mary Marrocco

    Lol. So true

  • Tanya Vita Duffy
    Tanya Vita Duffy

    I love this! Thanks 4the absolute best LOL!

  • Katy Yost
    Katy Yost

    Loud and proud!

How To Prevent Injuries 101

How To Prevent Injuries
  • Tamra Coke
    Tamra Coke


How Cliche...

How Cliché…

Down With The 0.1

Down With The 0.1%

What Parenting Is Like

What Parenting Is Like

Get Lost In Nature

Get Lost In Nature

Be Patient Everyone

Be Patient Everyone
  • Athena Flierl
    Athena Flierl


Good Job, Mike!

Good Job, Mike

Just sayin'...

  • Allison Carroll
    Allison Carroll

    Made me think of you scheduling!

  • Terri Owens
    Terri Owens

    Love this

The One True Religion

The One True Religion

Someecards - Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos - im not right in the
  • Buffy Pollock
    Buffy Pollock

    Lmbo! Yes!!

Best Way To A Man's Heart

Best Way To A Man’s Heart
  • Angela Burleson
    Angela Burleson

    Jessica Caudill

  • Jessica Caudill
    Jessica Caudill

    Ha! Romantic!

  • MissChievousOne

    is this a cross-stitch???

No Parking

Apparently I Shouldn’t Park?
  • Katherine Berg
    Katherine Berg

    justin Glass parking signs are important!

  • justin Glass
    justin Glass

    Katherine Berg and still someone would park there. Idiots I tell ya

Do What You Love

Do What You Love
  • Rikki Tanner
    Rikki Tanner


  • Melissa Alekna
    Melissa Alekna

    I'm pretty sure I can't, Kyrstyn Negri

  • Kyrstyn Negri
    Kyrstyn Negri

    Me too Melissa Alekna

  • Meghan Payne
    Meghan Payne

    lol. me either!

  • Kate Hergott
    Kate Hergott

    Katie Y

  • Jim Canady
    Jim Canady

    Lol lol!

  • Ev Tabako
    Ev Tabako

    That's a good one!

  • Tania Carter
    Tania Carter

    Sums up my day today !!! I get 1 day a week off & all I did was run errands for EVERYONE else !

  • Jayne Blasser
    Jayne Blasser

    I need a Sarcasm board!

  • Jim Canady
    Jim Canady


Write it down

Happy Hour Humor 67
  • Sherri Jacks
    Sherri Jacks

    stilllllll writing stuff down....and, if I'm running errands, stuffed in my pockets

  • Brenda Huther
    Brenda Huther

    Leas on learned.

  • Kim Philo
    Kim Philo

    I just can't remember where I wrote it down!

Choies Finger Print Sweatshirt

Choies Finger Print Sweatshirt -

Best Thank-You Speech Ever

Best Thank-You Speech Ever
  • Grumpy Rome
    Grumpy Rome


  • Laila Hurd
    Laila Hurd

    need some ice for that burn...!

Pizza Vs. Love

Pizza Vs. Love