Banksy Inside

Banksy - Shop Till You Drop. Banksy vs Bristol Museum, This seems to be a statue!

The Happy Rizzi House in Braunschweig (Germany)

The Happy Rizzi House is an important historical moment in Brunswick, Germany. Built in 2001 by the German architect Konrad Kloster and designer James Rizzi, the Happy Rizzi House is located on the ruins of an ancient farm of a ducal palace.

* Sky ~ Earth ~ Fire * #street #art

* Sky ~ Earth ~ Fire * I would change it to. sky above me, water below me, earth surrounds me, fire within me.

JR Tate Modern, London

JR Tate Modern, London - Artist JR’s black-and-white portrait of a youth wielding a video camera as he would a gun, “challenges ourpreconceptions about the way that we digest images” --- powerful message!

When Urban Street Art Attacks! (10 pics) - My Modern Metropolis

When Urban Street Art Attacks! (10 pics)

North Carolina-based uLiveandYouBurn creates havoc in the city with the creation of these wicked street monsters. He takes urban elements, such as traffic con…

Now <3

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