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Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas

Wow perfect camping grill! DIY Tin Can Grill – Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas. I especially enjoy the bucket toilet. However, i would think this credit would need to go to my friend Annette since she thought of it years ago.

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41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Make an easy-to-carry fire starter with a cardboard-only egg carton and match light charcoal.

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Without a doubt its SO much nicer to have a roll of toilet paper on your camping trip... But one of the inherent downfalls for a roll of toilet paper is it acts like a huge blotter absorbing the humidity from the air and making it almost useless. And too, that unexpected rain shower can turn that roll hanging on a stick to a blob of mush in short order. Coffee cans are wonderful for keeping your important papers dry and ready for use under any outdoors weather condition.

Instead of using a head lamp as harsh light, strap one on to a jug full of water for ambient light that’ll fill the tent!

Oranges burn like candles. No messy wax, and no wick required. Who knew? I bet these smell amazing!