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Sarah C. Anderson takes a funny look at what it's like to be a modern woman in her web-comic “Sarah's Scribbles.

Sarah C. Andersen ☆

and the funky man purse?

Sarah's Scribbles

Interacting with Babies - Sarah Andersen

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Sarah's Scribbles : Photo

Doodle Time: Sarah See Andersen Comics. How I felt w Dan when we first started dating lol


Funny pictures about Female Friendships. Oh, and cool pics about Female Friendships. Also, Female Friendships photos.

Short hair

Sarah C. Andersen ☆ This is me! I just cut my hair really short and now I want long hair lol


There Are 2 Types Of Wine Drinkers Funny Image from evilmilk. There Are 2 Types Of Wine Drinkers was added to the pictures archive on

Boyfriend uses

sarah andersen alternative boyfriend uses - also husband uses!


There is so much going on in every woman’s life. There are sad, funny, and sometimes absurd things. Sarah Andersen was able to show a woman’s life in her comic series. Bright Side chose the best ones for you to check out.

Season and style

Hilariously Honest Comics By Introvert Artist Sarah Scribbles


Funny Memes – [Cuddling In The Winter Vs Cuddling In The Summer]


I think you would really enjoy Sarah Andersen's comics. Or possibly I have the case of the giggles because it's really late.


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Girls have to go through a lot of problems daily. Be it period problem every month or being over emotional, these funny doodles will explain problems girls face every day in a hilarious way.


Pedicures v Manicures