Storm Coming: a Novel of the Civil War in Western Virginia

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It's 1861 in Smithfield Pennsylvania, a small farming village several miles north of Morgantown, Virginia. News of the firing on Fort Sumter by South Carolina militia has just reached Smithfield and a 21 year old farm boy is very upset.

Book review of Storm Coming

I have always known that there is a state named Virginia, and a state named West Virginia. But in all my reading of American history, even Civil War history, I had never found out when this happened or even why it happened. Now I know. Storm Coming by Jack W. Lewis and Carol S. Lewis is a novel of the Civil War in western Virginia. I never realized how much of that story took place before Fort Sumter. Some of my favorite general officers from that war are featured here, including Stonewall…

Title page of Chapter 5

Title page of Chapter 5

Storm Coming

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