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I keep praying, believing and hoping, have been for years, so far nothing but silence from my Heavenly Father. I'm on the verge of giving up.<<<I've already given up on praying.

I have to live through this every day...

I've never been much of the jealous type, but just the mere thought of any one else loving you, holding you, kidding you turns my stomach into knots and my heart breaks.

This is so stupid but so true. Idk how I think this will work....oh wait it won't

I often feel this way because I can't usually get all the right words out and express how I actually feel i have a pretty hard time letting people in there's only one person in my family i really trust to tell anything to

i wish you could understand just how much you mean to me, i love you more than anything and everything, please don't ever think I left you, I never did, I will always love you, I wish I could tell you that every second of my hopeless life

The thing is, you feel like its not real. but what if it is? What if? God I wish you knew! If you could step into my mind, heart and soul for just a moment, you would be in tears.

ugh THIS IS HIM. it's so weird to think back, i dont know how we got to where we are in such a short time but i remember catching myself feeling that familiarity from the get go, like i would be thinking about him, not even romantically, and i would tell myself "stop thinking about him, you dont even want him" because i didnt even know him yet, but my soul knew. from the start. the weirdest comfort level

I knew I did from the first moment we met. It was, not love at first sight exactly, but familiarity.

and like me back and do anything to be with me. that you would cover that distance and stay

According to the Bible this is adultery. But I can't stop thinking about you! What are you doing to me head? We're both married.

I hope my husband is obsessed with me like Thomas Rhett is with his wife

Seriously they are the most perfect couple ever! I want my future boyfriend and or husband to look at me the way Thomas Rhett looks at Lauren.