Lex Dumitru | Composer

Lex Dumitru | Composer

Lex Dumitru | Composer
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Jupiter Ascending Concept Art by Philippe Gaulier

Rotten Tomatoes with Critic and It was good action and cool technology's but bad story.(Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy) 👉🏽Jupiter Ascending Concept Art by Philippe Gaulier.

Neo Tokyo #cyberpunk #noir #city #cityscapes #future #dystopia

A dark blue city ascends into the sky by feng zhu. Traditional architecture survives into the future as massive structures are built around it.

Urban image

Space between Mega's This is an image of a city with some sort of skyscraper in it which I like due to how close they are together, I feel that this gives it that futuristic feel.

We'd have flying cars by now if the war hadn't happened. There's one positive aspect of the war. Can you see this creature flying a car?

Stunning futuristic and sci-fi themed artwork from Shane Baxley, a concept artist and digital illustrator working in the entertainment industry.