This is so me omg. I will drive forever to listen to the music and help clear my mind. Music and driving as well as the scenory is seriously the best theropy.

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At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Twenty one pilots My Chemical Romance, Green Day & Good Charlotte

Creep - Radiohead.

-- hey kids, we used to have really good rock music before you millennials killed it with your Pop.

Evanescence lyrics

Evanescence, My immortal lyrics. These wounds wont seem to heal. This pain is just to real. There's just too much that time cannot erase.

I was raised in rock and roll and let me tell you, those people are the best. No one is discriminatory and they are all super nerdy it's so heartwarming.

I would feel safer too. It's always some preptastic looking douche on the news for the rape case.