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Random Joints.

things i find funny, sad, inspirational, happy, etc :)

Random Joints.

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Nkwichi - Africa's Best Kept Secret

Ingredients: 2-3 chicken breasts 1 tube of crescent rolls 1 can cream of chicken soup Shredded cheddar cheese Cook 40 minutes or until golden brown (oven 350 degrees)

Chicken Roll Ups ~ Focuseat

I love you like a hobbit loves second by OnDisplayGraphix on Etsy, $12.00 WANT!

30 day challenge

Best. List. Ever.

30 Cheap and Awesome Date Ideas Under $30


Bluetooth Shower Speaker --- too freaking cool..only $21 I need this!!


Perseverance pays off...

Close Both Eyes Canvas


#yoga - surrender


mayur-asana: eka pada bakasana - one leg crow variation by {IP} by Amelia on Flickr.

Crown Chakra: “Sahasrara” Location: Top of the head Color: Violet Element: Boundlessness Mantra: none Meditation: I understand Affirmations: My soul is boundless and infinite. Related to: Spiritual illumination, the bliss state Asana: Yoga mudra, crow, seated yoga mudra Meditation, mantra

Third Eye Chakra: “Ajna” Location: Above and between eyebrows Color: Indigo Element: Pure Essence Mantra: Om Meditation: I see Affirmations: I follow my inner guidance. My vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated by love. Related to: Intuition, and wisdom Asana: yoga mudra, tree, dancer, crow, bridge, shoulder stand, lotus, palm eyes Visualizations, chanting

Throat Chakra: “Visuddha” Location: Throat Color: Sky blue Element: Ether Mantra: Ham Meditation: I speak Affirmations: I communicate honestly and directly. I lovingly speak my truth and use my words to create beauty in the world. Related to: Communication, self-expression, and truth Asana: neck rolls, locust, cobra, fish, camel, bridge, shoulder stand, plow, knee to ear

Root Chakra: “Muladhara” Location: Base of spine Color: Red Element: Earth Mantra: Lam Meditation: I am Affirmations: I stand firmly in my life in a loving and imaginative way. I know that I am protected and that all my needs are met abundantly. Related to: Stability, survival, and basic needs Asana: Mountain, chair, eagle, locust, cobra, warriors, tree, goddess, prayer squat, standing forward bend, seated forward bend (head to knee), bridge, reclining bound angle

Solar Plexus Chakra: “Manipura” Location: Between navel and base of sternum Color: Yellow Element: Fire Mantra: Ram Meditation: I do Affirmations: I move toward my goals smoothly and enjoyably. I fully step into my power and use it in service of love and light. Related to: Power, will, and action Asana: Sun salutations, warriors, eagle, crow, boat, bow, revolved triangle, pyramid, twists & core strength Breath: Breath of fire

Heart Chakra: “Anahata” Location: Center of chest Color: Green Element: Air Mantra: Yam Meditation: I love Affirmations: My heart opens with love for all beings. My heart is open and flows freely with love for others and myself. I am open to giving and receiving love. Related to: Unconditional love, self-healing, and joy Asana: Warrior I, crescent moon, half moon, cobra, fish, cow face pose, camel, prone spinal twist Breath: Alternate nostril


A great way to start the day off on the right foot (and the right mental attitude). Each pose is 3 to 4 breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth). Plank (#7) is 1 minute.

silly kitty...

Ten Week Workout Plan- maybe just some good alternatives for days you can't get into the gym..