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Classroom Mgmt

Classroom Mgmt

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Reward system for classroom management is a great tool to inspire your students to reach their goals and have good behavior. Kiddos love being able to shop in the coupon catalog and choose their own reward. It's one of my best Teacher Pay Teacher items, because it works!

Everybody is a Genius: Classroom Expectations

Classroom Management Expectations PPT- can be adapted to any classroom

Reward cards for students that don't involve you spending money!

classroom management series #2 and a freebie! :)

Classroom Management - Reward Coupons that DON'T COST MONEY -Music choice -Raffle entry -Swip Swap Seats -Class game time -Hippy Chair -Lunch with Ms. Kern -Show and Tell -Teacher's Desk -Computer activity *When each student gets 5 points they can get a coupon on "trading day"

Classroom Management: I-Pad Minutes Incentive - FREEBIE Use this incentive program to help you motivate and reward your students. Use this as a behavior incentive for students who need a little bit more encouragement to make good decisions!

Great ideas for cooperative learning...from Kagan

Unobtrusive behaviour management strategy - Each student gets a chip which starts on yellow, when they are talking or off task silently flip their chip to red as a warning. The next step, remove their chip, third strike is a consequence of your choice.

dandelions and dragonflies: My Behavior Management Plan

From Simply 2nd Resources: a cute "ticket" for our speeders. Pinned by Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc. Check out our blog at pediatrictherapeu...

I AM SOOOO TRYING THIS IN MY CLASS! Speeding Tickets for those kiddos that work too fast, make careless mistakes... I know I'm NOT the ONLY TEACHER with this problem!

Life as I Know it...: 52 Get to Know You Questions! You catch the ball and whatever your right thumb is touching you answer!...this would be cool to do withdifferent types of sentences or parts of speech! theyd hafta giv examples of wutever their hand landed on. or u cud do math stuff too! fun!

Soaring Through Second Grade: Acceptable Use Policies for Kids! {FREEBIE} .......LOVE THIS

FREE! 16 pgs. Cute ideas with different notes and students will love to receive!

I love this! Putting this on my TO DO list for the summer!

Interesting idea!! A secret student is randomly selected and the teacher monitors that student for the day. If the student does well, he/she is recognized and is rewarded. If he/she does not do well, the student is not named and the teacher just tells the class that the secret student did not have a good day but tomorrow will be a better day.

63 Inspirational Signs for Classroom in Color & Black & White

Behavior Reward System! So many awesome ideas to motivate students!

Behavior Management...the children keep a checkbook and pay fines for responsibilities they do not complete or other unacceptable the end of each quarter have an auction...kind of like 5th grades funbucks!! I love it!! Think I have another option for next year!

Reteaching and reviewing your classroom procedures throughout the year for better classroom management.

For my new teacher friends..this is gold. Do this technique for any procedure, it works! The best "how to" from Fred Jones on establishing rules , procedures and standards in your classroom!

Reward Coupons for Your Students

Reward Coupons for Your Students

Reward coupons for students who show TERRIFIC behavior!!

FREE Reward Coupons for Your Students - Stories by Storie - TeachersPayTeache...

Many teachers spend money from their own pockets to reward students for doing the right thing. With this intangible rewards coupon book, students will receive rewards like "rent the rolling chair for one week" or "choose some music for a fun activity" without breaking the bank!