Oh man, that show was GOOD. See, completely over-the-top romance story with vampires done right.

Some of my non-anime-loving friends are finally starting to get into anime because of Vampire Knight!

funny d. gray man demotivational | Vampire Knight Motivational Poster by KAWAIInieke-chan

A Vampire Knight Motivational Poster ^.^ even though i'm SERIOUSLY (mentally) in love with Zero, still. i think Kaname is pretty hot (i do not own .

The Apocalypse by DenieraKnight.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I found the place where I made them before~ Kaname (c) Vampire Knight Picture used (. The Apocalypse

Zero and Yuki, vampire knight

My daughter and I are Team Zero all the way. Kaname manipulated everyone to get what he wanted, even Yuki - Zero just wanted Yuki to be happy and he never manipulated her.

Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight

Couvertures, images et illustrations de Vampire Knight, Tome 18 de Matsuri Hino

AKA me

I started watching VK about a week ago, and I just now realized how twilight-ish it is while still being good. So far I'm on episode Vampire Knight Demotivational