The aim of human life is to know thyself. Think for yourself. Question authority. Think with your friends. Create, create new realities. Philosophy is a team sport. Philosophy is the ultimate, the ultimate aphrodisiac pleasure. Learning how to operate...

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If you want to make Flowers Tattoo black arm yourself and you are looking for the suitable design or just interested in tattoo, then this site is for you.

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I am considering something like this for my chest. I don't want all my sternum tattooed - but I love the idea of a mandala on each side and then natural and realistic flowers on the shoulders/upper arms.

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Mandala tattoo done by Franco Maldonado at Gristle Tattoo Brooklyn, New York. This is what I wanted mine to look like but they definitely lose their vibrancy once theyre healed. I kind of want to get mine touched up to see if it can look more like this in

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