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Amazing Animal Pictures

Stunning animal pictures that show the true beauty and power they hold!

Amazing Animal Pictures

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Wow. Way to make me cry.

A touching story…


This is Panchita, a Galapagos sea lion. Panchita was caught up in a net, which left deep cuts all over her body. She managed to make it to this hotel where animal advocates nursed her back to health for 3 months. Panchita, now pregnant and expecting her baby sea lion any day, goes out to sea every day and then returns to the hotel to rest. Be kind to Nature. FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED

How sweet

Grateful Dog Thanks Fireman - A Place to Love Dogs

this tugs at my heart...every living being needs "touch"...this is precious

Fox in the forest woods by the water

Red Fox Kit

Orphaned lion cub and caracal kittens become friends at the Pumba Private Game Reserve in South Africa. - Pawnation

Lickin' mah paw


Red panda, grass, leaves, branches... Adorable!

galapagos tortoise ~ Tortoises (Testudinidae) are a family of land-dwelling reptiles in the order Testudines

The maned wolf is the tallest wild canid and is quite agile on its four spindly legs. They inhabit open forests and savannas of central South America.

18 of the strangest animals ever

malaysia's giant long-legged katydids are thought to be the largest insects in the world!

The 16 Largest Insects In The World

Baby Otter

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Red Fox amongst flowers

In the cold

bear by Nikolai Zinoviev

peaceful eyes - tect0nic: Mare, Bella Donna by Nikolai Zinoviev...


Beautiful Mother Nature : Photo

Red Foxes ~ In Winter.

просто животные - Community - Google+

Out on a Limb! by Kjartan Trana

Magical Nature Tour, magicalnaturetour: Fox in a tree by Kjartan...


Believe in Yourself.

Fox cub

  • Monica Ledoux
    Monica Ledoux

    A baby fox!

  • Jane Greene
    Jane Greene

    Baby foxes are called kits.

  • Francene Goulding
    Francene Goulding

    the smiling fox is a cutie

Wild Narcissist

murmuration of starlings...this is amazing