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Amazing Animal Pictures

Stunning animal pictures that show the true beauty and power they hold!

Puggle at two months of age. Four puggles have been born at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in an effort to save the long-beaked echidna.

collection of fascinating facet eyes of dragonflies, bees and flies...Kids are SO fascinated by bugs! What a great project stater. Photographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik

Male Northern Flicker Woodpecker

African Maasai Giraffe


A rare hybrid of a Lion and a Tiger - "Liger" Zita- and daddy African Lion Samson- had a baby "Liliger" cub "Kiara"in Russia.

Liger, a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress. They occur only on captivity, due to the fact that their natural habitats simply do not overlap. The Liger is easily the largest of all animals found in the family felidae(cats)

Sifakas are a genus of lemur, and as with all lemurs they are only found on the island of Madagascar.

**Reindeer in the winter sunset.

So happy together....

Bald Eagles in Alaska

British short hair cinnamon kitten stays kitten size....kitty forever

The first week of the class of 2014 (born late march 2014) in a three minute compilation. (This is a video highlight. You can watch the live cam from the den at )