This Is EXACTLY What I Need In Our Soon To Be Master =) Only I Would Make Shelving Go All The Way Down && Have Shoe Racks Across The Flooring!!!

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Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Yeah umm I ahave to many clothes for this one lol is ready have part of this set up in my closet. may check into this a little more! Make the most of closet space with wire shelving and accessories. You can outfit an entire closet in one morning.

Infographic: 40 Simple Design Hacks To Transform Your Bedroom

40 Simple Bedroom Design Ideas To Improve Your Life

Spruce up your snooze haven with these 40 bedroom design hacks. From the melon rule to using under the bed storage, taking advantage of sunlight and achieving Feng Shui mastery. This infographic courtesy of The Sleep Matters Club will propel your bedroom

Great site to find cute and cheap pillow cases! All under $10...some even under $5!

Cheap and Cute Pillow Covers From Amazon

Patti Friday: The Interior Design Guide to Colouring Your Home: Infographic

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A nice decoration idea by @carmenmartinez86

Make sure there is always a new place in the world you want to discover ✈️ A nice decoration idea by 😊

map lampshade—you can light up the room with the world.

Map & Globe Accessories for Chidren's Rooms

DIY: Mod podge a map to a lampshade.I really like the many suggestions for recycling old maps and atlases. You could even concentrate your shade on specific locations that someone likes to personalize the shade for them.

This simple DIY Crate Bookshelf is a fabulous storage idea for the kids bedroom. Includes easy ... .ca/blog/2015/8/20/diy-crate-bookshelf

How to DIY Crate Bookshelf Tutorial

Building my own push-pin travel map at home was one of the easiest things I ever did. The best part? I saved loads of cash by doing it myself.

How to Build Your Own Push Pin Travel Map for Less Than $50

Packaged travel pinning maps are crazy expensive. We decided to make our own for half the cost!