More ideas from Rodriguez
I like the henna-ish outside with the more traditional lotus in the middle

Love the colors. I think they go well with my skin color. Lotus flower - We have 55 Lotus Flower Tattoos to show you. It is a very spiritual and meaningful flower.

Un unalome (Simbolo tipo mandala) Es una representación de alcanzar la sabiduría. La ruta comienza en el centro de la espiral, y a medida que continuas por este camino que estás realizando, cada vez eres más consciente de su entorno. Al llegar a la parte superior del símbolo(la recta), has alcanzado la sabiduría

Unalome - A symbol of reaching enlightenment. The path starts in the middle of the spiral and continues as you wander through the spirals. Eventually you reach the end of your path (the straight line) meaning you have been enlightened.

I like the design around the rose. Maybe a more traditional rose though.

I'm not into roses, but with the mandala, flower, and the chandelier chain together, this would be a beautiful tattoo.