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I was a bit too young to fall in love, at least that's what I was told then.  I couldn't have been more than six when it happened.  It just after the fire that destroyed the home we grew up in.  We were placed on the steps of the pool house and he took my hand.  It was then and there that I knew I'd marry him--and I'd do anything to make that happen. @stripesocks49

I know love at first sight sounds cliche but I do believe in it.

Salut, salut! Aujourd'hui je vous présente la série Dominion, je l'ai commencé il y a assez peu de temps et fini tout aussi vite puisqu'elle ne comporte que deux saisons et une vingtaine d'épisode ...

Tom Wisdom Gif hunt Below are gifs of Michael from Dominion, these are not my gifs, I’ve just found them around [[MORE]]

Atlas slips a bandana over the bottom of his face and looks at Anya." He asks and hands a bandana to Anya. She grabs it and ties it around her face and opens the cellar door.