'you remind me of a Russian doll, all decorative on the outside, and nothing but an ego on the inside cause you're so damn full of yourself!



Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Harry Potter. "You're a Fangirl, Harry"

Sam and Dean are singing along to some classic rock song and then a villain just interrupts and says the next line but changes it to his liking<not part of the supernatural fandom but still awesome

This is me. Me. "Um, where's the pizza, Mom? Salsa is not pizza.

shine bright like less dense hair fibers for the geeks that think this is funny


I told my brother that if Aladdin could break a cantaloupe with his knee, he could break a watermelon with his head. That's the story of how I chased my brother around with a watermelon.

Too freaking funny.

Cats Love Murder - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Cats Love Murder Dogs are a man's best friend. Cats are man's adorable little serial killers

For reals though. This situation accurately describes period problems, finals week, and exhaustion symptoms. Mix all that together? Guys better be running.

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I loved this scene. The guy was mad but I was laughing so hard. I loved the Doctor so, so much in that moment.

how I feel about frozen

This is so awful but I laughed really hard! -- Frozen humor, Hans and Anna, Love is an Open Door!