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three large planters sitting on top of a stone floor next to trees and bushes
7 Most Creative Minimalist Garden Designs for Small Landscape
three large white planters sitting in front of a black building with green grass and trees
Scale: Is the proportional element defined by another element in relation to size. A human standing next to a peanut will exhibit a larger scale than that of the peanut.
an outdoor patio with potted plants on the side and a pergolated roof
Helen Thompson
Helen Thompson
a row of wooden planters sitting on the side of a road next to trees
Udendørs - Deichmann Planter
three potted plants sitting on top of a table
several large clay pots are lined up in the middle of a snow - covered garden
Garden in Winter
a tall planter filled with white flowers next to a tree
Love that color
many clay pots are lined up in rows
Burford garden company
HAVEDAGBOGEN: Burford garden company
an outdoor seating area with grass and trees in the background
Arthitectural - Bringing Interior to Life
Shma Company Limited | Blocs 77
the garden is full of colorful flowers and plants, including lavenders in large planters
Anthony Paul Landscape Design | International Landscape and Garden Design
Anthony Paul Landscape Design
an alley way with trees and plants growing on the side of each wall, in front of a brick building
three large planters sitting on the side of a building
Garden & Landscape Design | The Outdoor Room
The Outdoor Room | Kensington, West London