Yellowstone National Park.

This picture! This was the most breathtaking thing I have ever seen in my whole life! Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA - 50 The Most Beautiful Places in the World

A Perfect Moment

A Perfect Moment ! this is very much a perfect moment,thank you for this amazing pin.

baby bird being saved after falling from the nest

Amazing photo capture of baby bird being saved after falling from the nest. This photo gives me the chills! Parental love isn't just a 'human thing'!

Vers le soleil (toward the sun) • photo: RV BO on 500px

Vers le soleil (Towards the sun) ~Beautiful France Hot Air balloon ride is on my bucket list.

Heart Rock Falls, Arrowhead Lake, Crestline, San Bernardino County, California, USA

Discover Heart Rock Falls in Crestline, California: Carved by a waterfall in a hard-to-reach rock formation, this heart-shaped rock has inspired romantics for decades.

Bluish Northern Lights, Iceland

heaven and earth, nature, mystical alaska aurora- spent some time in alaska but never saw this. Definitely on my bucket list :)

For every trial, trouble or danger, God has a promise of care and protection, if we believe, and if it is His will for our own good! Amazing Adventures

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Genesis in the wake of destruction, God is still there! Tornado sucks up rainbow


I have always loved thunderstorms! Curling up in pjs on the open so you can hear the rain and thunder.heaven <------ pinning for that beautiful description


Beautiful Nature-When I see these rays of light open up in the clouds I think about god is taking more angels to heaven

Albuquerque Lightning, Albuquerque, New Mexco, by Knate Myers, on 500px.

Albuquerque Lightning, Albuquerque, New Mexco, by Knate Myers It looks like a face is looking directly down, with lightning coming from it and you can make out a nose beneath the eye.

Wave Rock ,Western Australia

Believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago, Wave Rock is part of the northern face of Hyden Rock Australia, Western Australia hrs drive from Perth).