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someone is grilling some food on an outdoor grill domain name is for sale. Inquire now.
How to Clean the BBQ Grill in a SNAP! by Jennifer Horrocks. Turn BBQ on to normal temp then turn off. Make a ball of aluminum foil, dip in water then sprinkle baking soda on ball then scrub grill once clean oil the grill.
a man holding a teddy bear on top of a piece of paper in an art studio
26 Ways To Preserve Your Kids' Memories Forever
Imprint a damaged teddy before throwing it away. | 26 Ways To Preserve Your Kids' Memories Forever
a little boy that is standing in front of a board with magnets on it
Oil Drip Pan from Walmart. As a giant magnet board ($12) Genius! Toddler Room.
there is a can of dishwasher detergent next to a bowl with cups in it
How to Remove Labels with No Effort!
The Secret to Easily Remove Labels with No Effort – Oxiclean! @ The Busy Budgeter
a large ottoman sitting on top of a rug in front of a desk and chair
Things that make me terribly happy....
I LOVE this idea and I totally plan on taking one of my parents' old Oriental rugs to make this happen.
a cabinet filled with lots of silverware and cups
Brilliant, Beautiful Storage in ‘Rooms That Work’
Silver Cabinet from designer Stephanie Stokes
a chair with a blue and white table cloth draped over it's back in the grass
Use your silver to keep tablecloth from flying in the breeze ...
a window that has some glass on the side of it and trees in the background
Privacy Window Using Contact Paper
Great for Windows in the Garage!
a room with wooden cabinets and pictures on the wall
Belgian Pearls by Greet Lefèvre - Belgian Pearls
Integrated storage
a person pouring sugar into a washing machine
Make Your Own Miracle Laundry Whitening Solution
Turn whites back to white whites. It's a laundry miracle!
the street is littered with yellow stuff and debris on it's side, as if in an attempt to stop traffic
How To Get Rid Of Ants With Borax || Practically Functional
How To Get Rid Of Ants: Kill the whole colony with borax and sugar! This tutorial shows you how, and it really works!
three necklaces and two bracelets on a blue sheeted surface with a box of glad presh seal
Style, Hot Trends, Love, Horoscopes, and More | MSN Lifestyle
Use press n' seal to prevent your necklaces from tangling when traveling- this is genius!!1
an old door is sitting on the table
~ Hanging with Annie Sloan on my day off ~
French Linen base, then generous amount of clear soft wax, while wax is wet apply a wash of paris gray and old white. same recipe used in annie sloan color recipes armoire with blue inside
the drawers are filled with colored plastic blocks and a printer is on the table in the background
Operation Organization by Heidi
1. Green – Bills & Banking 2. Orange – Taxes & Income 3. Red – Medical & Pets 4. Yellow – House & Auto 5. Blue – Memberships, School, Vacation & Other Red - Vital Documents Orange Folders – Annually Updated Documents (Policies, Regulations, etc) Dark Blue Folders – Tax Archives Light Blue Folders – Annual Tax Documents Green Folders – Monthly Documents Purple Folders – Hobbies & Interests