lia bench

lia bench

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lia bench
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Probably my favorite scene from ICarly EVER! Loved that show!

I just laughed, snorted, then proceeded to choke on my own saliva.all because I thought this was hilarious lol iCarly "Stairs, stairs, stairs!"I love icarly!

Serious business

Churn down FOR WHAT? Lil Jon knows the important questions to ask about the amish

lol thats me post 2014 - Google Search

My friends do that all the time and i'm the only one without a phone DRIVES ME CRAZY like then they just stop talking to you and they laugh and your like WHAT! And they hide the phone

Funny and Relatable!

Karate kick that door! No one is allowed in my room! <----- Yes! And then u realize its ur bff. "So, how ur broken nose?

lol that's me - funny quotes and jokes

Funny pictures about So a deer walks into a bar. Oh, and cool pics about So a deer walks into a bar. Also, So a deer walks into a bar photos.

Strawberry Cheesecakeadillas

Warm melted cream cheese sandwiched between crispy tortillas dusted in cinnamon and sugar, aka cheesecake in quesadilla form!