Not everything has to be perfect today you can have days when you feel like shit when you feel strange unsure scared confused and lost - just know that you have tomorrow to pick yourself up again dust yourself off and start over better than before. Don't

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‎Life Lessons‬ Advice from an Man Everyone Should Read This Time of the Year By Micky Wren | Culture,inspirational,Life Hacks Source: Pat Divilly With optimal health often comes clarity of thought. Click now to visit my blog for your free fitness solutio

In 2012 I almost had a nervous breakdown, and my life fell apart. Five years on, I am stronger and happier, and living the best life I could have dreamed possible. I am on a mission to help others achieve and succeed in their dreams


Woody Alien's famous quote, " 905 of success is just showing up." Enjoy RushWorld boards, KNOCKOUT LYRICS LINES AND QUOTES, MOOD BUSTERS and DOGS DRIVING CARS. Follow RUSHWORLD on Pinterest! New content daily, always something you'll love!

Really want to go traveling at the moment after the moment amazing honeymoon and the endless amounts of experiences out there. Hoping maybe when peters business sells in a few years we can use some of that money to do abit more exploring! 🌍

Loving you is effortless. You make it so easy because of how amazing kind caring loving funny smart you are. I wish I found you alot sooner but I'm gonna cherish what we have now forever. I love you baby. ❤️

Be who you needed when you were younger. It's that simple, quit trying to be someone you hated back then...

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