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Spongebob. How I feel when I try to explain somethnig to my brother.

Marching band drill<<<Are you kidding me? That describes life.

Tumblr After Dark: 5th times the charm - Album on Imgur

mostlycatsmostly: (via nichols) This has to be my favorite thing I have ever posted. It just gets funnier the more I look at it. Especially when kittenseieki wrote: im the grey cat and those r my hot friends

This happens even after you leave school. It's called work.

Funny pictures about That certain point in the school year. Oh, and cool pics about That certain point in the school year. Also, That certain point in the school year.

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The 23 Wisest Things Spongebob Ever Said (Basically everything you need to know about life.) - "Being cool means wearing your underwear directly under your chin.

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It was the hair dryer that blew every one away" ← But it was the invention of the hairbrush that brushed away all the competition. I love you, you random people.<--"and I love you random citizen!

classy inverted bob

I like the inversion this is an example of what I don't like right at the neck. It's too hard to control and get to lie down and too short for a curling iron. Not good if have a cowlick at the hairline. Needs a more feathered edge