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Similar to a Clever, this is in development stage by Able Brewing Company. It's less labor intensive that traditional pour over and more full bodied like french press because of the full immersion of the coffee grounds. Look like a great idea, these would be good.


Unusual Concrete Espresso Machine by Linski Design

Israeli designer Shmuel Linski created an espresso machine called Espresso Solo using concrete as the primary material. He wanted to make a desirable consumer product for the kitchen from concrete to complement the other more typical uses of concrete in our kitchens such as walls or countertops.

Start Cold-Brewing Iced Coffee at Home

Cold-Brewed Coffee - would be a good thing to do with the beans in our freezer!

Bodum ® Pavina Glass Tumblers

Shop Bodum ® Pavina 12 oz. Glass Tumbler. Bodum's unique glass-in-glass technology is re-interpreted in a new rounded shape. Two lightweight layers of glass are blown together to create a vacuum layer of thermal insulation.