colorful fields

Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria, Italy The most beautiful place on the planet

-Tulip Mountain, British Columbia, Canada-

Tulip Mountain, British Columbia, Canada by Cormac. Taken at a tulip farm located in Agassiz, with well known landmark Cheam Mountain in the background.

pretty AND creepy

Farewell letter from

Where Does Our Earth End? Where is the Edge Of Earth? You are thinking it's impossible to find the edge of Earth because Earth is round.

fog rolling over condo's on the Florida coast..

Helicopter pilot J. Hott captured these breathtaking images showing low-lying clouds swooping over the high-rise buildings lining the beaches of Panama City in Florida. At a glance, it appears as though a tsunami is poised to crash over the city.

Mt. Rainier....gorgeous!

For snow-lovers, Paradise Ranger Station in Mount Rainier National Park is aptly named. It had 367 inches of snow on the ground March Image: Mount Rainier looms beyond the Seattle skyline in (iWitness Weather/TRingold)