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INFJ ... couldn't have said it better.

INFJ - Never one dimensional. Even if we always try to shove everyone else in boxes.

Haha, this is probably true. Stiff and awkward, maybe even kind of severe. #INFJ

And it's pretty sad when your not even comfortable around your own friends. (Heard this was an INFJ trait.

Are you the rarest personality type?

21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {INFJ Refuge images}

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Old Man Take a Look at My Life — kryptonite-encounters: And text anonymously. on imgfave

If I'm sarcastic I love you and I'm safe with you

Haha, pretty much. But I will usually tell you if I like you.<<not me.if you're too stupid to recognize my sarcastic insults, I'll just slam the door on you

This is exactly it! I can be the nicest person you know, but when I am met with toxic people (especially on a daily basis) I turn into the biggest monster around.

Omg YES! Toxic people turn me into a person that I don't like.

♥ #corgi

If you see your Corgi wink, its not a cute thing. They are prone to eye problems like getting their cornea scratched. Get the vet to check. Look often for mattering in the corner of the eyes! Bless em they cannot talk!