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The moment you realise...

Richard Armitage played one of Queen Amidala's guards in Star Wars : Episode I: The Phantom Menace before he became Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

Twilight I would laugh so hard if my dad said this at my wedding

Twilight I would laugh so hard if my dad said this at my wedding. The only good part in twilight

Avengers! We have a hulk.

Tony hypes everyone on the team but himself. For the most arrogant guy ever (Stark Expo?) he gets that this is a team effort. Which says a lot about why it's Caprain America: Civil War

A Summary of Marvel Movies

Age Of Ultron: Pietro dies *crosses fingers*, but not really. <<< Quicksilver has died multiple times but is often reincarnated

okokok....even better oh come on....ITS GOT LOKI IMPERSONATING DAT DUDE ON DA AT&T COMMERCIALS!!!

Loki and kids ~ Who's the mightiest superhero? ~ He is " pretty sure " he prefers Banana Head Fart Man to his Brother Thor

The only difference: Doctor Strange is WAY more powerful and generally WAY better in every single way possible.

That's because the actors played Sherlock. RDJ played Sherlock in the movies and Ben in The BBC show