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"Be tough minded but tenderhearted" -H.Jackson Brown Jr

Be tough minded but tenderhearted. Always tough to remember the balance

I am homesick for a place I am not sure ever exists. One where my heart is full. And my soul is understood. - I thought I had found this place, but I am better off cutting any hope of finding it.

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The VERY best. Your super amazing friends? They can have the second best. They don't deserve the Very Best.

iyaaa sih. i have a good manners, tapi gue lebih suka yang messy2 gitu sihh

Fashion Quotes : Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners Tom Ford (and self love)

May God's will be my thrill

AS much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned. That’s what you call GOD’S WILL.