Large Ice cubes for pitchers. Must remember

Freeze Lemon Slices in Ice to Upgrade Your Water

Use muffin pan to make large Ice cubes for a pitcher of iced tea. Floating lemon slices in the cubes is a good idea too. In fact, make the ice cubes out of tea.

Summer Ice Cubes - DIY with fruits

Summer Ice Cubes - DIY with fruits You can find this ice trays in ikea. You can put it in a water bottle

Blue Mule

Blueberry Moscow Mules

Blueberry Moscow Mules Blueberry Moscow Mule recipe 1 cup ginger beer 1 shot ginger vodka juice of one lime wedge blueberry syrup (recipe below) Directions Pour the ginger beer, vodka and lime juice.

A grown up, Autumn treat. Apple cider champagne cocktail.

Apple Cider Champagne oz Tennessee Cider (you can sub apple brandy), 2 oz fresh apple cider, oz chilled champagne Pour the Tennessee Cider into the bottom of each glass. Add the champagne and top with a splash of the fresh apple cider.

Pinterest: /1jasminedesiree/ |Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito is a summer must have! Made lighter with fresh lime juice, a homemade mint simple syrup and then blended with coconut milk for a refreshing cocktail that you won't have troubles asking for seconds!

Toasted Frozen Coconut Mojito

Yummy bridal shower or bachelorette party cocktail - toasted frozen coconut mojito - unique wedding cocktails - frozen wedding cocktails {With Salt and Wit}

Smoothies... I'm a sucker for a great smoothie... Power breakfast or amazing mid day treat...

Farewell letter from

Some new ideas for your smoothies? :) Healthy Smoothie Recipes by Martha Stewart. Substitute dairy for almond/coconut milk and sugar for coconut water.


Here are 9 3 ingredient frozen smoothie guide condensed into one photo for easy reference! Use this as a guide to make-ahead smoothie packs – so handy to have in the freezer to just dump into.

Frozen Lemon-Berry Margaritas

Frozen Lemon-Berry Margaritas

Frozen Lemon Berry cup thawed lemonade concentrate** 1 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries** 2 cups ice cubes** 2 packages ounces each) frozen sweetened sliced strawberries, thawed** frozen blueberries** 1 TBSP sugar** cup Tequila

Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail consists of pomegranate juice, hibiscus syrup, sparkling wine as needed, with pomegranate seeds for garnish