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    Liesel Bouwer
    Liesel Bouwer
    Liesel Bouwer

    Liesel Bouwer

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    I am the 'Pic-nicker' LOL

    I have no idea why, but I have always loved this color. I wish I could do this!

    OMG. EXACTLY WHAT I WANT. but.. made in Taiwan. I've been looking for this for forever.

    "If this touches you then it may be a sign that you think having a tough time means you are doing something wrong. Sometimes things are just tough for a while. I send you blessings." #katherinetowen

    Jay Baruchel!!! Call me weird, but I find his awkwardness sexy

    Best idea for a memorial tattoo ever. I have cards with "your every loving mother" written in them, I love this spelling/word mistake that she would always make, I think it says more than your "ever" loving mother :) Missing Mum xxx

    Vintage party theme: Cake pops are a huge trend, and are not as difficult to make as they look.

    Cars, boats, planes and trains party: Chocolate is always a winning flavour at parties and these chocolate whoopie pies will be a winning treat with little ones.

    Carnival party: Kids will love these mini-toffee apples. Buy the apples in a tin, dry them off with paper towel and dip them into caramelised sugar.