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Never give up on your dreams! Gisele was rejected by 42 agents at the start of her career when she was 17. “I was finally taken [in] on the 43rd try.”

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If I was 'enough'...? I would know no matter what she said I would know she didn't want me to give up. I wouldn't feel like I do ever day just wanting her again? I wouldn't question if it was only me who thought we was meant together in gods plan?

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.Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Glorya: This is a truism - the very truth of the matter. To be outstanding and a Leader is to be ready to be uncomfortable, be ready to have your judgment questioned all the time and to live outside your comfort zone.

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Truly, though I have found greatness in this. Once I stopped keeping up with what every single person did, and listened to what I wanted, the most beautiful joy arose from my heart. Try it out, I promise you, you won't want to go back.