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Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar and 20 other ides for re-using toilet paper rolls.


Make Your Own Gold Treasure Pirate Playdough Recipe

Fun sensory craft for any pirate fan looking for some gold treasure fun! Great for play time or themed birthday parties! Cheap and easy to make!

How to Make a Candy Lei

How to Make a Candy Lei with video tutorial and step by step instructions. Celebrating birthdays, Holidays, graduations and more just got a whole lot more tasty!

#graduation lei made from mesh sponge. If you unravel mesh sponge ($1 @ the dollar store) most have about 2 3 1/2 feet of tubing so u can easily make two candy leis! I prefer dark color mesh sponges. Loufa

This fun candy bar lei necklace is easy to make and is the perfect gift for graduation! Instructions on how to make it a money lei too.

Footprints in the Sand (Beach Canvas

It looks like an art studio painted white canvases and made a beach theme, painting beautiful water and sand. The kids painted their feet with brown paint and stamped it in the sand…how cool for a summer keepsake! I can just imagine younger kids doing it and having baby …