Get candy into Easter eggs.

Prize Egg--put candy inside a balloon blow it up. Wrap balloon with glue coated string and let it dry. Pop balloon and you have a prize egg!

Muslin swaddling blankets-turned-cute-elephant tutorial. Reminds me of those cute little towel-animals the housekeepers made for us on our cruise. But this little guy is for giving, or for enjoying when we're done using our muslin blankies. :)

Giving baby blankets as a baby shower gift? Here's a tutorial showing how to turn swaddling blankets into a fun shape: An Elephant! Make an as a baby shower gift!

Paw patrol figure tutorial

This PAW Patrol Marshall birthday cake is so cute! Perfect for your little one's PAW Patrol birthday party.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit Projects | Best Mason Jar Crafts and DIY Gift Ideas

This weeks Crafty Creations is an awesome sewing kit. This sewing kit would make a great gift for someone that loves to sew. It is made from a jar and the top is a pincushion made from burlap. The sewing supplies all,,,

Handmade Heart No1 Grandma Mum Nanny Mothers Day Birthday Gift Sign Present 10cm

Personalised Heart for Grandma/Mum/Mummy-Mothers Day- Handmade-10 cm Shabby Chic

How to Make Black Leather Bracelets ~ Linda this is an easy one for you ~ just need to figure out the square knot


Making Jewelry - How to crimp. For crimp covers, the front of the crimp tool is easier than a chain nose plier.

Bracelet DIY Guide des tailles et conseils de Zacoo. Pour les autres cartes et des infographies mode et de bijoux populaires: Connaissez vos formes d'ongles et ce qui est populaire sur Instagram Infographies. Motif de mode Vocabulaire Partie 1 Infographie. Motif de mode Vocabulaire Partie 2 Infographie. Know Your Sunglasses Infographie. Connaissez vos chaussures Partie 1 Infographie. Lobster Claws quelqu'un? Connaissez vos chaussures Partie 2 Infographie. Know Your décolletés ...

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. DIY Bracelet Sizing Chart and Tips from Zacoo. For other popular fashion and jewelry charts and infographics: Know Your Nail Shapes and What.